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SOMETHING IN THE AIR - A GUIDE TO THE RUGBY RADIO MASTS traces the fascinating 76 year history of this transmitter from the Morse days when it was built in 1924/25 to the present digital age. Read about the worlds first transatlantic phone conversation and secret operations during The Second World War but not forgetting it’s present digital operations.

It's claims to fame are many. It was the world's most powerful transmitter at one time, with the highest masts and the largest radio valve. The Prince of Wales (who became King Edward VIII) made a surprise visit and went up one of the masts!

The atomic clock, pips and speaking clock are sent from Rugby, even NASA has used it for it's space shots. Britain's submarines are controlled from there.

And that's only some of of it's claims to fame to read more order your copy now.

To order a copy of "Something In The Air" please send a cheque/Postal Order(payable to 'Pete Chambers') for £1.50. Send to:

Something In the Air
110 Richmond Street,

Update added 13th July 2007: this book is out of print and no longer available.


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