Site Records

Site Name: Charring Cross Station (Jubilee Line)

OS Grid Ref: TQ302804

Sub Brit site visit: 2008

[Source: Nick Catford]

After a long climb back up one of the stationary escalators we went along the subway linking the Northern Line and Bakerloo Line platforms. This was built during the construction of the Jubilee Line and was never intended for passenger use but once it had been built it was decided to let the public use it. From this subway we went through a stainless steel grille door into a long well lit tunnel. This was also excavated during the construction of the Jubilee Line and slopes down towards it.

Photo:Works tunnel built during the construction of the Jubilee Line.
Photo by Nick Catford

After about 200 yards there is a right angle bend to the left, this point is almost under the fourth plinth at Trafalgar Square. The tunnel used to continue straight ahead with a narrow gauge tramway taking spoil out to a work site where the Sainsbury Wing of The National Gallery is now located; this tunnel has now been sealed. A stack of corrugated stainless steel panels from the tunnel roof of the Jubilee Line platforms are stored here. We then retraced our steps along the long tunnel.

From the main access subway to the Northern Line, a door took us into a ventilation tunnel leading to the Craven Street shaft. The shaft was sunk in c.1973 to provide draught relief and ventilation to the Northern and Jubilee Line platforms and the substation at Charing Cross. It is about 60 metres in depth and about 7 metres diameter.

Photo:At this point the works tunnel continued straight ahead to a works site adjacent to the National Gallery. This tunnel has now been backfilled. Note the piles of roof panels from
the Jubilee Line platforms.
Photo by Nick Catford

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