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SiteName: Belsize Park Deep Level Air-Raid Shelter

Haverstock Hill
OS Grid Ref: (Southern entrance) TQ275850

Sub Brit site visit 27th January 2000

[Source: Nick Catford]

Returning to the shelter tunnel, from this point the tunnels are lit and in use for storage. The original bunks are have been retained along one wall with adapted bunks in use along the other. They are stacked with boxes of documents and video and computer tapes. At a point three quarters along the tunnel there is another cross passage with a small room on the left hand side that has been used as a workshop. The two tunnels continue ahead with another stairway linking the levels at the end. From the workshop there is a cross passage linking the two tunnels at both levels past two more ladies and gents toilets to a door on a right angle bend in the tunnel. Straight on leads to a second switchgear room with another extract fan, another grating in the floor, another transformer, another glowing mercury arc rectifier and another pair of rheostats. To the right leads to the bottom of the lift shaft and stairway to the surface.

Photo:One end of the upper level
Photo by Nick Catford

At the top of the shaft is the lift room with the original control box (with a modern one inside it) and the motor, part of which was original. As well as the circular corridor around the lift shaft there are a number of other rooms now used as offices, store, kitchen etc. Throughout the tunnels the only original signs on the walls point to the exits and all the tunnel linings are embossed LPTB (London Passenger Transport Board).

The tunnels were photographed internally in January and March 2000, all photographs show the upper level only.


South entrance

North entrance

North entrance from the rear

North entrance exhaust and machinery access shaft

Original way in at south entrance

Bottom of north lift shaft - upper landing

Bottom of exhaust ventilation shaft

Pumps in the sump

Mercury arc rectifier

Mercury arc rectifier

Lift and fan control equipment

Mains transformer for the lift

Rheostats for controlling the speed of the fan

Entrance to the ladies and fents toilets at the bottom of south lift

Bunk beds in one of the parallel tunnels

Connecting corridor at one end of the parallel tunnels

Stairway up to Belsize Park Station

Toilet entrance in the southern cross tunnel

One of the toilet tunnels stripped of all fiuttings

Bunk beds ion one of the parallel tunnels

Bottom of southern lift shaft



[Source: Nick Catford]

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