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SiteName: 'Ho 5' Underground Fuel Store and Electricity Generating Station

Water Lane (Fontaine Davi)
St. Anne
OS Grid Ref: WA578075

Subbrit site visit February 2002

[Source: Nick Catford]

Four major tunnels were constructed by the Germans for the storage of munitions and fuel. Two of these are in Water Lane (Ho 5 and Ho6) on either side of a narrow wooded valley.

Photo:Branch junction close to the southern entrance
Photo by Nick Catford

Both tunnels are 'horseshoe' shaped with two entrances. The southern entrance to Ho 5 is on the east side of Water Lane, it is overgrown with soil mounded in front of it although access is still possible. The tunnel is now largely unlined although it was originally lined with timber which has now fallen away and lies rotting on the floor. The tunnel is wet throughout with deep mud in places and several roof falls which can be climbed over. After about 50 yards the tunnel bends to the right and a branch comes in from the left. The branch is about 100 yards long with a large roof fall near the end.

Plan of Ho 5

Back in the main tunnel after a further 75 yards there are two concrete lined storage chambers one on either side of the tunnel. The chamber on the west side is about 8 feet in height and 60 feet long while the second chamber, 30 feet beyond is about 15 feet high and 55 feet long. There is a 60cm tramway laid throughout much of the tunnel including the branches and chambers and at the junction with one of the chamber is the remains of a turntable leaning against the wall.

Photo:Entrance to one of the concrete lined chambers
Photo by Nick Catford

After a further 75 yards the tunnel turns to the right towards the southern entrance. At this point there is a second branch curving to the left, this also appears to be about 100 feet long but after a short distance the mud was too deep to make further progress.

Although there is a large amount of debris on the floor making passage through the tunnel slow and difficult at times, the walls appear reasonably sound although the tunnel should only be entered by those properly equipped. The tunnel was built to house an electricity generating station and a fuel store although no evidence remains. There is some wiring and light fittings in one of the chambers.

Photo:Concrete lined chamber, 60 feet long and 8 feet high
Photo by Nick Catford

The southern portal, which also has soil piled in front of it, presumably to discourage access, is close to two houses on the opposite side of the valley, between these houses is the northern entrance to Ho 6.

For further details of extant military sites on Alderney covering all periods see 'Fortifications of Alderney' by Colin Partridge & Trevor Davenport ISBN 0 95117156 0 7

Overgrown entrance to Ho 5

Looking out of line tunnel into the main tunnel

The 15 foot high lined tunnel



[Source: Nick Catford]

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