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SiteName: Mannez Quarry and 'Ho 1' German Munitions Tunnel

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Sub Brit site visit February 2002

[Source: Nick Catford]

During WW2 seven tunnels were planned by the Germans for Alderney but only four of them were built; the most easterly is at Mannez Quarry. The tunnel, which was intended as a munitions and ration store was probably never completed. As built it consists of a horseshoe shaped tunnel with two entrances in the quarry face. At the western end of the quarry is a large derelict travelling crane with a number of ballast wagons behind it. Behind the crane is the open western entrance to the tunnel, below the German naval direction finding tower on the cliff top. It is wide open and safe to enter although rubbish has been dumped just inside the entrance, including a number of old tube train seats.

Photo:The western tunnel entrance
Photo by Nick Catford

The eastern entrance was close to a modern railway engine shed at the eastern end of the quarry but this has now been obliterated by later quarrying although it is still possible to climb over a rock fall into the tunnel. The 300 foot tunnel is unlined throughout and generally dry and in good internal condition with no roof falls.

Plan of the tunnel

The quarry is the eastern terminus of the island's railway system. At the end of the line is a two car set of ex Northern line 1959 tube stock, this has been restored and repainted. The two car train came to the island in 2001 replacing the 1938 tube stock that was acquired from the Historic Chatham Dockyard in 1987. The motive power is provided by a two small diesel locos (Elizabeth and Molly) which are stored in a locked engine shed at the end of the line. The line, which only runs in the summer, terminates at the harbour at St. Anne two miles away. This is the only working railway on any of the Channel Islands It was inaugurated by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and celebrated its 150th birthday in 1997.

Photo:Inside the munitions tunnel
Photo by Nick Catford


Direction finding tower and travelling crane

Direction finding tower and travelling crane

1959 Tube train at the railway terminus

Looking west from the railway terminus towards the direction finding tower

Mannez Quarry seen from the direction finding tower





[Source: Nick Catford]

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