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SiteName: Luftwaffe HQ Bunker & Observation Tower

Les Mauraiux
St. Anne
OS Grid Ref: WA57200740

Sub Brit site visit February 2003

[Source: Nick Catford]


Photo:Luftwaffe HQ bunker with the observation tower behind it
Photo by Nick Catford

In St. Anne there is a impressive Luftwaffe HQ bunker and tower which formed a link in the German coast-watching surveillance of occupied Europe. The bunker is located in Les Mauraiux and is currently used by the Alderney Water Board as a store. The bunker consists of 9 rooms with the five storey observation tower behind it. We were unable to arrange access to the inside on this occasion.

Plan of the bunker and tower
Drawn by Colin Partridge

As the mains water supply to Alderney was inadequate the Germans built two pumping stations which fed two water storage bunkers. In addition a small header tank was built on top of the tower to pressurise the water supply to St. Anne.

Photo:The observation tower
Photo by Nick Catford

For further details of extant military sites on Alderney covering all periods see 'Fortifications of Alderney' by Colin Partridge & Trevor Davenport ISBN 0 95117156 0 7

[Source: Nick Catford]

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