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SiteName: Fortress Commander's Bunker

La Rochers
OS Grid Ref: WA582077

Sub Brit site visit February 2002

[Source: Nick Catfprd]

The Fortress Commanders Bunker at La Rochers is located in undergrowth on the north side of a track running east from Val Longis.

Photo:The sunken bunker, flush with the surrounding ground and hidden by undergrowth
Photo by Nick Catford

It is a two level bunker with the roof of the upper level flush with the surrounding ground and sunken entrance on the upper level with a ramp down for access. It is difficult to see unless you are on top of it. The bunker is leased to Colin Partridge and Trevor Davenport, joint authors of 'The Fortifications of Alderney' but it is probably the worst condition of any bunker on the island.

Plan of the two level bunker
Drawn by Colin Partridge

It is left open and has been heavily vandalised and fire damaged, especially on the upper floor. On the upper level there is still some electrical switchgear in one of the rooms, and on the lower floor which has suffered less from smoke damage, most of the steel doors are still in place. The German Commander for Alderney would have been based at this site.

Photo:Electrical switchgear still in place in one of the upper floor rooms
Photo by Nick Catford



Lower level corridor

Stairs up to top level
are through the door


For further details of extant military sites on Alderney covering all periods see 'Fortifications of Alderney' by Colin Partridge & Trevor Davenport ISBN 0 95117156 0 7

[Source: Nick Catford]

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