Site Records

Site Name: RAF Ventnor ('OJC') R1 CEW ROTOR Radar Station

St. Boniface Down
Isle of Wight
OS Grid Ref: SZ568785

Sub Brit site visit 1st October 2004

[Source: Nick Catford]


In order to provide communication between the controllers in the R1 bunker at RAF Ventnor and the intercepting aircraft, two VHF/UHF multi-channel radio transmitter and receiver blocks were built at remote sites. Transmitter and receiver blocks come in two sizes, designated 'small' and 'large'; those at Ventnor, which are both still extant are 'small'. Each block would have had a 90' wooden aerial tower alongside. The receiver tower has been demolished but the transmitter tower is still standing and is now used to support modern communications aerials. It is one of only two wooden ROTOR aerial towers still believed to be standing. Crosslaw CHEL Rotor station still has its wooden tower although this was due to be demolished some years ago.

Photo:The receiver block
Photo by Nick Catford

Each site consisted of two buildings, the operations building and a standby set house. The smaller receiver building which stands on Stenbury Down at SZ53897930 at the end of a dead end minor road originally comprised a receiver room, mechanical and electrical room, store, workshop, staff room and toilet . Externally there have been few alterations to the building which now houses cellphone equipment. A new cellphone mast stands in place of the wooden tower. The standby set house alongside is also still extant. An unmade track leads west towards the transmitter site 400 yards away on on Appuldurcombe Down at SZ53637968

Photo:The transmitter block with its original wooden tower
Photo by Nick Catford

As built, the transmitter building comprised the transmitter hall, mechanical and electrical room, store, workshop, staff room and toilet. The building now houses communications equipment. The adjacent standby set house and wooden tower all within a new secure compound.

Transmitter block

Transmitter standby
set house

Receiver block



[Source: Nick Catford]

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