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Stockwell: Deep Level shelter

London SW 9
[Source: Nick Catford]

North Entrance:

Location: On an island at on the corner of SOUTH Lambeth Rd and Clapham Rd, SW 9.

Description: A circular concrete 'pillbox' and a low circular brick structure on the roof. There are entrances on opposite sides. The 'pillbox' is painted with a mural, mainly depicting scenes from WW 1. The mural is by Brian Barnes, with help from Stockwell Park School (SPS) pupils and is not yetfinished, final work is currently in progress. This entrance appears to be unused except for emergency access.

Photo: North Entrance.
Photo by Nick Catford

South Entrance:

Location: Behind lock-up garages in Studley Road, SW 4.

Description: A circular concrete 'pillbox'with small brick extensions on opposite sides housing the original doors. There is no ventilation shaft on the roof. The 'pillbox' is painted white. There is an open shaft to one side with a metal framework around it covered in metal sheeting with a grille on one side.

Photo: South Entrance.
Photo by Nick Catford

[Source: Nick Catford]

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