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Site Name: Stenigot - Ace High relay station and WW2 Chain Home radar station

Manor Hill
Stenigot, Lincolnshire
OS Grid Ref: TF257825

[Source: Nick Catford]

Several buildings from the 1940's Chain Home station still survive however. The site is still fenced although readily accessible and used by local walkers. One of the four transmitter towers has been retained as a training mast for the Aerial Erector School at RAF Digby and is contained in its own secure compound including the original guard house; the bases of the other three towers can be seen nearby.

Plan of the site showing the small area occupied by Ace High within the earlier Chain Home compound

The transmitter block behind the mast also still stands although now enclosed within a chain link fence. It is a brick and concrete building surrounded by earth banks with blast walls protecting an entrance on two sides. Internally the room layout has been retained and a large electrical cabinet still remains in place. It is assumed this was part of the power supply for the Ace High system as there is a 'Dymo' label on the unit relating to Ace High. A few yards to the north west of the transmitter block is the base of the IFF cubicle with the characteristic base of the IFF aerial mast clearly visible and close to that the bases of the two GEE H operations rooms end on to each other. These two buildings were still standing until recent years and were probably demolished in 1996.

Photo: Chain Home equipment still in situ in the receiver block
Photo by Nick Catford

On the western perimeter a large rectangular water tower stands outside the perimeter fence and probably had nothing do with the station as there was another water tower (now demolished) within the chain home compound; a pillbox that once stood on the boundary to the north of this tower has also now gone. To the north of the site, behind the Ace High dishes the Chain Home receiver block, this is not fenced and is easily accessible. The building is of similar construction to the transmitter block although smaller. This two retains its original room layout and some original electrical equipment consisting of a three bay rack with dials, switches and relays, probably part of the power supply for the CH receiver; there is also some electrical switchgear on the wall. To the east of the block are four concrete bases for one of the wooden receiver towers. There is no evidence of the other towers as the land has now been cultivated.

In the south west corner of the site at the junction with Manor Hill there is a pillbox and the two original air ministry wardens' houses which are now in private occupation. These would have housed the uniformed civilian staff responsible for guarding the site and manning the guardhouse.

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[Source: Nick Catford]

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