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St. Margaret's

St. Margaret's Bay
Near Dover

Photo by Neal Harley

An RAF R1 Rotor bunker dating from the early 1950s. The site was closed in 1960 although under `care and maintenance' until 1981. The site was maintained throughout this time although the radar was removed, leading to conjecture that it was Dover District Council's emergency control centre - apparently untrue.

In 1982 contractors moved onto the site, sealing off the bunker, demolishing the all-surface works except for the entrance bungalow. This was sold off for private habitation. The site is now part of a National Trust nature reserve - all that remains is the bungalow and the occasional remnant of fencing.

[Source: David Mapley]

Photo by Keith Ward

BT exchange: entrance (lift shaft) to underground tunnels at start of cross-channel telecom cables.

(This site is about half a mile from the Rotor site, and not connected in any way.)

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