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Site Name: RAF Sopley ('AVO') R3 GCI ROTOR Station

OS Grid Ref: SZ162978

RSG site visit 23rd May 2000

[Source: Nick Catford]

Large diameter brown pipes, each contains the send and return refrigerant lines from the two compressors, these lead into the Baudelot heat exchanger which is located at a higher level and accessed by a ladder. This cools the water which is fed to the cooled water header tank in a small room at the top of the ladder; the air cooler batteries A, B, C and D are fed from here. Air cooling in the Rotor series bunkers was via water cooled cooler batteries - more modern designs used electric air heaters. The feed to and from some of these water cooled batteries (located in a separate room) are the large insulated green pipes

In a partitioned area diagonally opposite the entrance steps is the main air conditioning fan with two sets of filters on either side. To the rear of the Baudelot heat exchanger there are two narrow doorways one leads to the apparatus fan which is used for cooling all the radar equipment and the other doorway opens into another filter room. From this fan there is another door back into the lower spine corridor. Beyond the plant room is the rear stairway to the upper level.

Photo:The steps up to the emergency exit from the south end of the upper level spine corridor
Photo by Nick Catford

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Archive photographs from Air Defence Radar Museum, Neatishead and John Levesley

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[Source: Nick Catford]

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