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RAF Rudloe Manor

Rudloe Manor No. 2 site. © 1998 Matthew Williams

RAF Rudloe Manor is one of many government sites in the Corsham complex. According to the RAF's own web site Rudloe Manor is home to No. 1 and 6 Signals Units, the MoD Communications Network, Headquarters P&SS [Provost & Security Service] UK RAF P&SS Western Region, and Headquarters Defence Fixed Telecommunications Systems.

In a Parliamentary answer on 2nd July 1998, Dr. Reid said:

RAF Rudloe Manor is an administrative establishment providing accommodation and support for a number of defence organisations. The following units are located there:

RAF Provost and Security ServicesSecurity support, criminal investigations and provost operations assistance to the RAF
Provost and Security Services (Western Region)Specialist police and security support to all RAF establishments within the West Midlands, the West Country and Mid Wales
Defence Vetting Agency (RAF)Security clearances for RAF military and civilian personnel, and defence industry employees.
Defence Communication Services AgencyThe Services Management Centre of the Agency, including the Primary Network Control Centre of the Defence Fixed Telecommunications Service
Detachment of 1001 Signals Unit, RAFParticipation in the operation of the UK military communications satellite system

The aerial photo shows the Rudloe Manor No 2 site. A bunker entrance can be seen just below and to the right of the middle of the picture.

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