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Site Name: Leeds - Regional CEGB Grid Control Centre at Rothwell Haigh

Sharp Lane
Rothwell Haigh


[Source: Nick Catford]

Blast proof accommodation was provided for the electricity industry in the early 1950's. In 1950 it was felt necessary to provide dispersed national and regional control centres. The National Control Centre was in the Midlands with 8 regional control centres for the CEGB and the SGB (Scotland) at London (South East), Bristol (South West), Leeds (North East), Birmingham (West Midlands), Nottingham (East Midlands), Stockport (North West), Kirkintilloch (South Scotland), Pitlochry (North Scotland).

The Leeds regional control centre was built in 1953. It is located alongside the GPO/BT 'PR2' repeater station at Rothwell Haigh.

Photo: Leeds Regional Grid Control Centre
Photo: Leeds Regional Grid Control Centre
Photo by Nick Catford


[Source: Nick Catford]

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