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The Valley Works
North Wales

Photo:Entrance to Tunnel 2 (main entrance).
Photo by Nick Catford

Site visit report: Valley works complex March 22nd 2001 saw 5 members of Sub Brit visit the former chemical weapons and food storage buffer depot at Rhydymwyn in North Wales. This visit was arranged with and fully sanctioned by the MAFF (now DEFRA) who own the site.

No restrictions whatsoever were placed on us by the MAFF and we extensively photographed and video'd the site and the underground workings. An extensive site visit report is available HERE

In 2002 we obtained the outline proposal (click to view) from DEFRA on the immediate future of the Valley Works site. We also have a copy of the map (click here) detailing which structures will be affected.

The site has now been transformed into a nature reserve and a site of historic interest, and is now managed by North East Wales Wildlife who have signed a ten-year agreement with DEFRA

Rhydymwyn: History: By Colin Barber is available HERE

See Rhydymwyn Valley Site web site for details of opening hours

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