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Llandudno Junction

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Llandudno Junction was the designated site for the Home Office's RGHQ for North Wales, but in the end the building was never converted.

Dr James Fox explains the story:

``The original plan was for the refrigerated cold store at Llandudno Junction to be used. It was of the same type as Loughborough and Hexham. Conversion, although not ideal, was a well known way of progressing. Some thought was given to the use of the twin tunnels at Rhydymwyn, but this never materialised, principally because of the cost. Had it been used it would have borne a great resemblance to the south Wales HQ at Brackla, which used twin ammunition storage tunnels of a similar type.

``In fact the old ROC HQ at Borras was converted and used, and although this was far too small it actually became the RGHQ for North Wales. When it was sold off, the interior was stripped out. Whilst it retained many artefacts of ROC parentage, it also sported a great deal of brand new RGHQ communications and other gear, so it had definitely been used for this purpose in its last throws of life. The applicable message transfer cabinets etc., were also installed there. Now for a short time all this was transferred to Swynnerton for some reason, and then of course Swynnerton was closed along with all the other RGHQs. So although temporary measures were taken, North Wales never received a purpose-built HQ.''

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