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Site Name: Kirklevington Hall - 5 Group, 83 Brigade AAOR for the Tees GDA

Kirklevington Hall
Nr. Yarm
OS Ref: NZ429107

Photo: External view, now converted into a house although the lower floor is believed to be little altered..
Photo by Clive Hodgson

Kirklevington Hall was the site of a Royal Artillery Anti-Aircraft Operations Room (AAOR), covering the Tees anti-aircraft zone, and was built in the early 1950s to a standard semi-sunken design with one floor above ground. Located in the grounds of Kirklevington Hall, now a hotel. It is believed to be occupied by the owners mother.

Photo: View from the rear showing the original entrance porch still intact
Photo by Nick Catford

Clive Hodgson Reports:

The above ground part of the bunker (approx 80ft sq.) has been very imaginatively and expensively converted into a house in the 'Spanish Hacienda' style. All habitable rooms are arranged around the perimeter with a gallery separating them from the sunken (map?) floor in the centre. Windows have been cut through the walls.

The underground section consists of several rooms (reportedly all empty but in good condition -ventilation system working) with an area greater than the Hacienda above (odd? - ed). A tunnel connects the underground section to the adjacent Kirklevington Hall (well over 100 yds away). The Hall (a huge Georgian Mansion) was Government owned and in the 1970-80's it was occasionally used for putting up the odd circuit Judge until its sale in the late 80's.

Nobody I know can remember the bunker being used other than for storage for the CCF who still retain a drill hall in the grounds. It was however never allowed to deteriorate.

February 25, 2000

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