Site Records

Site Name: Inverness (Raigmore) - ROC Group HQ No 30

OS Grid Ref: NH683455
Date protected accommodation opened: 13.12.1961
Date closed: 1992
Location: King Duncans Road, Inverness.

[Source: Nick Catford ]

Description: DEMOLISHED; Adapted from the WW2 13 Group (RAF) Control Centre (similar to Goosnargh, Watnall and Kenton Bar).

The ROC took over the RAF SOC Ops Room bunker in 1947 with a purpose built. administration block alongside. The bunker was refurbished in the early1990's with a new ventilation system installed and all the asbestos removed. The work had started before stand down and the PSA took the opinion that as the work had to be paid for the contractors might as well finish it. After the work was completed the site was sold to a developer and the bunker demolished. The site has now been redeveloped and nothing remains.

The original WW2 Sector Operation Centre consisted of three separate bunkers, an ops room, a filter room and a communications centre. The ROC used the ops room. The communications centre has also been demolished but the filter room has had a five million pound refit which includes a massive water tank in the basement and an new ventilation system and blast doors. The bunker is manned daily and is used by the Highland Council as an emergency planning centre, see Inverness - Highland Emergency Centre (Raigmore)

Those taking part in the visit were Nick Catford, Keith Ward, Robin Ware and Bob Jenner

[Source: Nick Catford]

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