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Hope Cove

Hope Cove
Near Salcombe

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After the original radar equipment and false floors had been removed, there was enough headroom to gain extra office space by constructing a mezzanine floor in a small part of the bunker, using steel joists.

The same idea was extended when another RGHQ was built in another, identical type R6 bunker. At Hack Green, a mezzanine floor was constructed in the corresponding corner of the bunker. It covered a larger floor area and was supported by reinforced concrete joists.

At the back of the room, a display board can just be seen. This consisted of a transparent map sandwiched between rigid sheets of Perspex, and illuminated by fluorescent tubes hidden in the four sides of the wooden frame. Officially this was known as a `chinagraph illuminated map board'. In nuclear war it would have been used by scientists to plot and predict the path of radioactive fallout plumes.

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