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Site Name: Guildford - SRC/SRHQ 5.1

Stoughton Road

RSG site visit 22nd January 2003

[Source:Keith Ward]


Photo: The Keep at Stoughton Barracks
Photo by Nick Catford

For many years Stoughton Barracks was the headquarters for the Queens Royal Surrey Regiment. By the early 1980's the MOD had vacated the site apart for the newer Queen Elizabeth Barracks which closed about 1995. The site remained derelict until residential conversionin 2000.

The Keep in 1903

In about 1965 the Keep was converted to a Sub Regional Control for 5 Region and was designated SRC5.1, Dover Castle was SRC 5.2. About 1969/1970 it was redesignated SRHQ 5.1. In 1983 Regions 5 and 6 merged into Region 6 and the London region became the new Region 5. It was taken out of use at this time. There were steel shutters fitted to the inside of the windows that could be closed if there was a war.

The keep is known as a Cardwell Keep and is typical of those seen at many 19th Century barracks.

Photo: The rear of the Keep
Photo by Nick Catford

Those taking part in the visit were Nick Catford, Keith Ward and Jane MacGregor

[Source: Keith Ward]

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