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Goodge Street: Deep Level Shelter

London WC1
[Source: Nick Catford ]

The building is called The Eisenhower Centre.

East Entrance:

Location: In Chenies Street, WC1 at the junction of North Crescent.

Description: The building consists of two concrete blocks one circular 'pillbox' and the smaller one octagonal. They are joined by a long thin rectangular brick building. There is a brick ventilation shaft attached to the rear of this brick building. It has a door and a beam for carrying a pulley for loading large or heavy objects into the tunnels. The main entrance is at the front opposite Alfred Place. There is a square brick ventilation shaft on the roof of the circular 'pillbox' with a small brick extension on the east side of the octagonal building. The whole structure is painted cream and red.

Photo: `The Eisenhower Centre': East Entrance.
Photo by Nick Catford

West Entrance:

Location: In Tottenham Court Road, W1 next to Whitfield Memorial Church and opposite Torrington Place.

Description: The main structure is circular 'pillbox' built of concrete. There is a square brick intake ventilation shaft on the roof and two lower brick extensions either side of the shaft coming down to ground level. These were for the original doors. On the entrance fronting onto Tottenham Court Road there are the remains of a painted sign which reads` ----D Property ----trance strictly ----ohibited ----out authority'. The sign has been cut in half by the addition of a later door and may date from WW2 or 50's use. There is a rectangular brick building behind with a low ventilation shaft on the roof. The roof of this building has modern railings round it and is used as a play area by the Fitzrovia Children's Centre in Whitfield Street who also use the building. The west entrance appears to be unused other than an emergency access to the Eisenhower Centre.

Photo: West Entrance.
Photo by Nick Catford

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