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Site Name: East Ham Borough Control

Manor Park

[Source:Nick Catford]

East Ham Borough Control The East Ham Borough Control consisted of a single level underground bunker located in the middle of Manor Park. The only part of it above ground was a small concrete structure forming the top of the stairway down into the bunker. It was built in 1953 but taken out of use in 1965 when East Ham merged with West Ham, the combined boroughs using West Ham's purpose built semi sunken bunker under a school playground in Denery Road, Stratford. The Stratford bunker was not maintained due to Newham Council's political leanings and was not used after 1968 because it was partially flooded; the bunker was demolished in 1998. Until 2000 the entrance to the Manor Park bunker was visible within a large wooded compound. Although the door was often open the bunker was flooded to within 6 feet of the surface. The entrance has now been demolished and the site cleared.

Photo: The entrance
Photo by Nick Catford

[Source: Nick Catford]

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