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Site Name: Crosslaw ('HCV') CHEL R2 ROTOR Radar Station


[Source: Nick Catford]

Crosslaw was a Chain Home Extra Low (CHEL) site built in 1952 to replace the Chain Home station at Drone Hill. It is an R2 single level operations room serving a single Type 14 radar system. The guardhouse/bungalow still survives in excellent condition at the end of a long drive a quarter of a mile south west of an un-named dead end road to Lumsdaine. The bungalow, built of local stone, has been fully restored with a circular addition at the rear housing a staircase. It is now a private home. The stairway down into the bunker has been incorporated into the house as a 'den' but has been blocked a few yards down the sloping tunnel into the bunker. When the bunker was inspected in c.2005 it was flooded almost up to the den at the bottom of the stairwell. This water was subsequently pumped out and a full photographic survey made. Since this visit the bunker continues to flood and further visits are not possible.

Apart from the guardhouse/bungalow nothing else survives above ground. The St. Abb's Head ROC Post overlooks the site.

UPDATE 2018: The Crosslaw ROTOR bunker is still flooded and totally inaccessible. The bungalow is private property and the owner does not appreciate people knocking on the door and asking about access. Please respect the owner's privacy.

Photo: The guardhouse
Photo by Nick Catford

RAF personnel outside in Crosslaw guardhouse
Photo received from Mike Fitzpatrick (left)

[Source: Nick Catford]

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