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Clapham North: Deep Level Shelter

London SW4
[Source: Nick Catford]

The tunnels are currently vacant and are available to let. They are advertised as having 60,000 sq. feet of underground storage accommodation.

North entrance:

Location: On the west side of Clapham Road SW4 , opposite 383 Clapham Road and beside Russell Pickering House (council flats)

Description: A circular concrete 'pillbox' painted grey with small brick extensions on opposite sides for the original entrance doors. There is no ventilation shaft on the roof. There is also a narrow rectangular brick extension fronting onto Clapham Road. On the raised platform behind the 'pillbox' is a square brick ventilation shaft with double doors and a beam for winching. heavy or large items into the tunnels. Alongside there are a set of modern double doors flush with the ground.

Photo: North entrance.
Photo by Nick Catford

South entrance:

Location: In a yard behind Clapham North Station between Bedford Road and Clapham High Street, SW 4.

Description: It was not possible to gain access to the yard but through a hole in the fence a square brick ventilation shaft could be seen. There didn't appear to be room for a circular 'pillbox', there was however a rectangular brick building with a small vent on the top but this may have been connected with the tube station.

Photo: South Entrance: The actual entrance is the small building to the right of the vent shaft.
Photo by Nick Catford


[Source: Nick Catford]

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