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Hams Cross

Chilmark was the site of a major underground ammunition store since before World War II, built in a bathstone quarry site. By 1941 it seems to have evolved into an RAF bomb store.

[Source: War Plan UK by Duncan Campbell]

Trans-shipment shed from narrow-gauge to main railway at Hams Cross. Converted caves and surface magazine linked to Hams Cross by light railway.
Photo by Keith Ward

Missile assembly building: one of the many now empty buildings at the main site.
Photo by Keith Ward

The Home Office bunker known as RGHQ 7.1 was built on an adjoining site in the mid-1980s, to replace the former SRHQ at Ullenwood (near Cheltenham).

Home Office RGHQ. Photo © 1997 Richard Lamont

Along with most of the other RGHQs, it was closed in about 1992. It came onto the market in March 1997.

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