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Cheam: London Group Control

Church Hill Road

This was one of four London group controls, which covered the South West Group (Wandsworth, Lambeth, Merton, Sutton, Kingston-upon-Thames and Richmond-upon-Thames). Apparently this bunker has been demolished and the site used for flats.

Photo: External view.
Photo by Keith Ward

Here is a floor plan of the bunker:

  1. Main blast door
  2. Canteen
  3. Water tank
  4. Gents toilets
  5. Ladies toilets
  6. Water tank
  7. Counter room (message handling)
  8. Teleprinters (later MSX)
  9. Tape relay centre and phonogram booths
  1. Switchboard and GPO/BT apparatus room
  2. Scientific advisers
  3. Police and military
  4. Health and welfare
  5. Control and co-ordination
  6. Assistant controller, health and welfare, medical director
  7. Group controller
  8. Assistant controller, works, water co-ordination, fire liaison
  1. Security
  2. Kitchen
  3. Support
  4. Air filters
  5. Plant room
  6. Generator
  7. Fuel tank
  8. Blast door
  9. External diesel tank

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