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Site Name: Burntisland Railway Control Centre

[Source: Keith Ward]

In the 1950's the British Railways Board planned a network of Emergency Control Centres but only 4 out of the original 30 were built with the rest of the bunkers shelved in 1956. Those built were at Burntisland, Brickett Wood, Knebworth & Huyton Junction.

The Burntisland Control Centre was built in 1955. The building, which apparently was never fitted out, is a 40' X 120' flat roofed single storey blockhouse with a blast door at the end of a dog leg passage on one side; there is a blast wall in front of the passage.

Inside there is a spine corridor with rooms along either side. The bunker, which is pained white with the word 'The Dive Bunker' painted on it, now houses a diving shop.

Photo: Burntisland BR Control centre
Photo by Nick Catford

[Source: Keith Ward]

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