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Brackla Industrial Estate

By Steve Fox

One of eight WWII underground magazines. Photo by Keith Ward

This site has its origins in an extensive pre-war ordnance factory, most of which is now an industrial estate. The factory site included a series of tunnels dug into Brackla Ridge, presumably for secure storage.

At some time after the 1960s, two of the tunnels were taken over by the Home Office and converted to become SRHQ 8.2 and later RGHQ 8.2. In the absence of a bunker for North Wales, Brackla covered the whole principality.

RGHQ. Photo by Steve Fox

The site, which is one of the most unusual RGHQs, was extensively re-fitted in the early 1980s. The accommodation comprised two adjacent tunnels, each consisting of two parallel passageways 8ft wide and 250ft long, lined with metal sections like the London tube tunnels. The passageways were linked by eight chambers which gave the bulk of the space. At the entrance to each tunnel was a plant room with diesel and water tanks and a 169 bhp 6-cylinder diesel generator. An oddity of the site was an enclosed concrete passageway connecting the two tunnels, allowing protected access between them no doubt much more cheaply than by digging a connecting bore. Above the tunnels on the ridge was an escape exit and a standard mast. The site was sold in 1995.

S P Fox
June 1997


Sold and left to get in a very poor state. A pity as it was a most unusual site and had been totally refurbished just before its closure.

[Source: Dr James Fox 29th March 1998]

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