RAF Bempton : Map of the Underground Operations Block
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1. Midway within the Main Entrance Corridor.

2. looking back at the main entrance stairwell..

3. Progressing towards the Main Blast Doors.

4. Standing at the junction of the Cable Access Shaft and the Mains Power Transformer Room

5. The bottom of the Cable shaft.

6. Transformer Room.

7. Moving towards the Main Blast Doors.

8. The Main Blast Doors.

9. Within the Main Blast Doors and inside the Main Operations Block.

10. Looking into the Main Operations Block corridor

11. The initial section of the Main Operations Block Corridor

12. Midway within the Main operations Block Corridor


14. WRAF lavatories.

15. WRAF Rest Room.

16. Service Kitchen

17. RAF Rest Room

18. Room containing an Engine Bed

19. Kelvin and Hughes PDU/GSM

20. Main Operation Rooms,

21. GPO Room

22. AC Plant Rooms. Main Air Conditioning and Secondary filters.

23. AC Pumps

24. The end of the Main Operations Block corridor.

25. Looking Back at the Operations block corridor and towards the second set of Blast Doors (Panoramic). Above are the 25 b) Main Air intake Baffles

26. Corridor leeding to the Emergency Exit. looking back at the right hand door of the second set of Blast Doors.

27. The main fan driving air through to the Main AC Plant water cooling system


29. Looking towards the Emergency Exit

30. The Main Air Intake Duct. On the floor (botom right) is a Filter Unit.

31. The doorway into the Pump and Sump Room

32.Looking up at the Emergency Escape Exit


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