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Site Name: Belfast - Northern Ireland Regional War Room

Mount Eden Park

RSG site visit 12th June 2002

[Source: Nick Catford]

13 Regional War Rooms were built in the early 1960's throughout the UK. This included one for Northern Ireland built in 1952/53 at Mount Eden Park close to the junction with Malone Hill Park, a residential road in the suburbs of Belfast.

Photo: Northern Ireland Regional War Room
Photo by Nick Catford

The network of regional war rooms was short lived and the Mount Eden Park War room was replaced by the Regional Seat of Government (RSG) at Gough Barracks about 1958/59.

From about 1962 the building was used as the Belfast Corporation Control with six 1950's sub-controls reporting to it. After the disbanding of the Civil Defence Corps in 1968 the building was put onto care and maintenance until the early 1980's when it was reactivated and refurbished as the Northern Ireland RGHQ until 1990 when it was replaced by a new RGHQ at Ballymena. Since 1990 it has been used as a records store by the court service.

The building is of the standard war room design with one floor below ground. It is in excellent external condition painted light cream with the three ventilation towers on the roof clad in corrugated metal.

Those taking part in the visit were Nick Catford, Keith Ward, and Wayne Davies

Historical information: Keith Ward

[Source: Nick Catford]

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