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Site Name: RAF Bawdsey - ROTOR period VHF/UHF transmitter and receiver blocks

OS Grid Ref: TM331434 (transmitter) TM327440 (receiver)

Sub Brit site visit 13th April 2004

[Source: Nick Catford]

In order to provide communication between the controllers in the R3 bunker at RAF Bawdsey and the intercepting aircraft, two large VHF/UHF multi-channel radio transmitter and receiver blocks were at built at remote sites, over three miles to the north just south of Shottisham. The blocks were remotely sited to stop interference and swamping of the radio signals by the radar arrays.

Each site consisted of two buildings, the operations building and a standby set house. The transmitter buildings are on the right hand side of a sharp bend in the B1083. As built the transmitter building comprised the transmitter hall, mechanical and electrical room, store, workshop, staff room and toilet. The building has now been converted into a four bedroom bungalow. The adjacent standby set house is now used as a workshop and store and still contains some of its original electrical switchgear and one of the two generators; this has been moved to another part of the building and is still used.

Photo:The transmitter building now converted into a bungalow; the standby set house can be seen to the left.
Photo by Nick Catford

The radio mast was pulled down by a tractor some years go and is now buried in an adjacent field.

The smaller receiver blocks are located one third of a mile to the north adjacent to a farm tracks; both buildings are now derelict and open.

Photo:The receiver building (left) and standby set house
Photo by Nick Catford

The receiver building comprised a receiver room, mechanical and electrical room, store, workshop, staff room and toilet. Some electrical switchgear and wiring remains, together with a small ventilation fan. The standby set house had one generator which has been removed although some switchgear and wiring remains.

Transmitter standby
set house

Transmitter standby

Receiver building with
standby set house behind

Switchgear in the
receiver building

Ventilation fan in the
receiver building




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[Source: Nick Catford]

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