Royal Observer Corps
Record added 2/9/2001
Post Name KYLE OF LOCHALSH (1st site)
OS Grid Reference NG781314
County Ross & Cromarty
Date opened September 1960
Date closed August 1962
Location Close to Durnish Station
Description DEMOLISHED No tyrace of anything remains. According to Attack Warning Red the post was resited two years after opening because of ‘shifting sands’. It is unclear whether the original post was underground. September 1960 was the month when the aircraft reporting role disappeared for all those Posts/Groups which were West of the low level reporting boundary which ran from Redcar to the Thames Estuary. So almost certainly this would not have had an aircraft reporting post. It could have been an underground Post as the post building programme was underway by 1960 or it may have been a bare field site with just a telephone pole. The programme had resulted in 45 out of 61 Posts in 30 Group being commissioned by May 63 so no way of pinning it down. If the Post was opened in Sept 60 then it will probably have been in response to a need to fill a perceived gap in the fallout monitoring cover.
Date of Visit 17.07.2001
Future Actions
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