Royal Observer Corps
Record added 13/5/2001
OS Grid Reference SK12945995
County Derbyshire
Date opened January 1958
Date closed September 1991
Location At the end of a line of telegraph poles on the west side of a field boundary at the bottom of a small hill. 200 yards west of Raynards Lane.
Description : LOCKED There is an opening in the stone wall of the field boundary with a hinge where there would have been a gate. All surface features remain intact. The line of telegraph poles finish half way across the field between the road and the post. All surface features remain intact with little paint remaining. The GZI mounting is on top of a small concrete plinth on top of the ventilation shaft adjacent to the access shaft, the top of the ventilation shaft itself being damaged. The FSM pipe is also on top of a concrete plinth. The hatch is locked. Internally the following items remain: table, shelf, cupboard, single bed, BT junction boxes/wiring, BPI mount, FSM mount. The post was sold in 2003.
The only evidence of the aircraft post on top of the adjacent hill is a rusty pipe sticking out of the ground.
Date of Visit 17.6.2000 & 19.4.2003
Future Actions
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