Royal Observer Corps
Record added 10/5/2001
OS Grid Reference NX34274301
County Wigtownshire
Date opened February 1961 & before 1987
Date closed October 1968 & September 1991
Location In a large rectangular overgrown compound on the brow of a hill on the east side of a field boundary 200 yards south-east from Myrton Crescent. It is believed that the Observers made their way to the post via Myrton Crescent as the fences between there and the post all have access styles of the type seen at ROC locations.
Description LOCKED The post was closed in the 1968 reorganisation but by
1987 it had been recommissioned to replace Garlieston. All surface features remain intact with the brown/green paint flaking badly. The post is unusually tall with a high step. The FSM pipe is nearly double its usual height with the top and section of shaft fixed on top of a standard length
FSM pipe. The wooden ventilation louvers are rotting and the hatch is very rusty but still locked. The concrete apron of the access shaft has suffered very badly from soil erosion and is hardly supported in places. Due to this
it is beginning to crack. The ventilation shaft, attached to the access shaft has a bad crack in it, presumably due to the same problem.
Date of Visit 10.8.2002
Future Actions
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