Royal Observer Corps
Record added 10/5/2001
OS Grid Reference NT09302425
County Peebles-shire
Date opened November 1959
Date closed September 1991
Location On a small area of high rough ground 50 yards west of the A701
Description LOCKED All surface features remain intact with the green paint in good condition. There is some damage to the top of the access shaft which has a double step. There are no padlocks but the hatch appears to be locked internally and will probably open with a Scottish T Bar key. One ventilation louvre is hanging off. There is some evidence of soil erosion under the access shaft apron, but it has caused little damage. The hatch is open but can be opened with a Scottish T bar key. Internally the post is damp with a little water at the bottom of the access shaft. There is a raised wooden floor in the monitoring room. Much remains in place including the table, shelf, cupboard, twin bunks, single bed (dismantles), 2 chairs, cluster map, cloud posters (cut and placed in a book) indicating this was a ROCMET post, BPI mount, BT junction boxes and wiring, 2 racks of wooden shelves, tool board, four 1 OS maps (on wall), battery box, utensils, saucepan, kettle, mirror, 2 blankets, papers, broom, crowbar and the visitors book.
An Orlit A stands on top of a low hill nearby. It retains some wiring and its instrument mounting. Sections of the roof cover are lying inside and on the ground nearby.
Date of Visit 27.5.2003
Future Actions Future actions: Site visit by NC
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