Royal Observer Corps
Record added 9/5/2001
Post Name ELGIN
OS Grid Reference NJ19476073
County Morayshire
Date opened January 1962
Date closed September 1991
Location In a square compound 10 yards east of B9010, behind a row of pine trees.
Description OPEN (description in 7/2001)All surface features remain intact and in good condition. The green paint is still in fair condition. There is a sign at the roadside which reads 'Danger deep pit. No unauthorized access beyond this point' (Description in 9/2006) Since the post inspection in 2001 the post has been badly vandalised externally. The concrete around the hatch has been chiselled away and the hatch is now totally detached and the post is open. There has been no internal damage. The following artefacts remain in place: table, shelf, cupboard (all painted bright orange), WB1401 carrier receiver (detached), BT junction boxes and wiring, 3 Jerry cans, first aid poster, BPI mount, light. papers, wall chart, 3 chairs, fuse box, mirror, cans of paint, time and an Elsan chemical toilet. (October 2006) A further inspection in November 2007 shows that the post has been suffered severe internal fire damage.
Date of Visit 21.07.2001
Future Actions
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