Royal Observer Corps
Record added 9/5/2001
OS Grid Reference NS84423139
County Lanarkshire
Date opened February 1964
Date closed September 1991
Location At the end of a line of telegraph poles in an overgrown
rectangular compound (planted with new trees), 30 yards east of a drive into the Douglas Estate (pedestrian public access) and 150 yards north of A70.
Description LOCKED All surface features are intact with the blue/grey paint flaking. There is a very high concrete apron around the access shaft covering the bottom of the ventilation louvres. The main ventilation shaft has very small replacement louvres with the bottom half of the old holes
blocked. The hatch is locked.
There are two concrete bases of buildings alongside the access drive. They are nothing to do with the ROC post but
they look military. Perhaps the estate was used during the war.
Date of Visit 18.7.2002
Future Actions
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