Royal Observer Corps
Record added 2/5/2001
OS Grid Reference SO71677174
County Worcestershire
Date opened June 1959
Date closed October 1968
Location On a low mound in the North East corner of a field 50 yards West of public footpath and 150 yards South of A456
Description OPEN All surface features remain intact. All the ventilation louvres are missing although one is lying nearby. The FSM pipe stands on a concrete plinth and the ventilation shaft on 3 courses of bricks at one end of the mound. The hatch is detached. Internally the walls are painted dark green and all the woodwork is red. Only the table, shelf and cupboard remain in place.
A brick aircraft posts stands nearby against the Eastern field boundary. It is approximately 12' by 8' with a sloping concrete roof over the 4' X 8' crew room. 4 steps lead up the instrument room which has a large octagonal opening in the concrete roof. A metal pole for mounting the instrument lies on the floor. Two steps lead down into the crew room where there is a round piece of timber that was probably the instrument table. This room has a window facing East and a concrete shelf. There is a gate in the hedgerow alongside the building.
Date of Visit 23.04.2000
Future Actions
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