Royal Observer Corps
Record added 2/5/2001
OS Grid Reference TM53578813
County Suffolk
Date opened December 1957
Date closed October 1968
Location Beside cliff-top path amongst WW2 chain home low radar buildings, 500 yards East of Heath Farm. Since visiting in 1998 the cliff path has been closed because of land slips but it is still passable from the north with care.
Description OPEN The post is in a very dilapidated condition with all ventilation louvres and the hatch missing. The concrete of both the main access shaft and the ventilation shaft has suffered from erosion and part of the ventilation sgaft is missing. There is an aerial bracket on the ventilation shaft indicating this was a master post. The installation of radio equipment only started in February 1968 and master posts were generally not closed during the 1968 reorganisation.

Internally the post is flooded to a depth of about 15", this level has increased since the first visit in 1998. The post has been stripped of all internal fittings, in 1998 a single bed remained but this has now gone.

The site has suffered from coastal erosion and is now precariously perched on the cliff top, a pillbox associated with the radar station now lies on the beach below.
A concrete plinth surrounded by railings stands on top of the adjacent Chain Home Low radar building. This was for aircraft observation.
Date of Visit 13.6.1998 & 9.9.2006
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