Royal Observer Corps
Record added 2/5/2001
OS Grid Reference TM15895612
County Suffolk
Date opened 1965
Date closed September 1991
Location In a triangular area of land by one telegraph pole, 10 yards to the North of a kink in Kings Lane
Description LOCKED All surface features are intact with the grey paint in fair condition. One ventilation louvre is hanging off, another is detached. A metal dome on the ventilation shaft indicates this was a master post. The post was re-sold by auction on 7th April 1999. It was sold to a Swiss manufacturer of underground shelters, Mr. Mengeu, for 5,600. It is understood Mr. Mengeu would like to restore the post and open it to the public.
The base of an aircraft post is visible close to the road.
Date of Visit 22.7.99
Future Actions
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