Royal Observer Corps
Record added 2/5/2001
OS Grid Reference TM31826774
County Suffolk
Date opened March 1949
Date closed October 1968
Location On the South side of High Street (A1120) in the hedgerow 100 yards west of the entrance to Trust Farm
Description OPEN All surface features are intact and still retain green paint, but both the BPI pipe and the hatch are damaged and all but one of the ventilation louvres are missing. The post is flooded to within five feet of the top of the shaft. The post suffered badly from water during its operational life and at one time re-siting was considered. Attempts were made to seal the outside of the walls after removing the soil cover and digging down each wall but this was unsuccessful. Members of the parish council are hoping to restore and renovate the post (together with the nearby aircraft observation post) and have negotiated with the highways authority, who own the site, to lease it for a nominal yearly sum ion the understanding that it will be returned if the post is required for road widening. The council have tried unsuccessfully to have the post listed. If they succeed in this they hope to apply for funding for restoration.
30 feet to the east is a rectangular brick aircraft observation building. This consists of a rectangular brick building with a blast proof entrance. Four steps lead up to the observation room (7' X 7') which has a wooden roof around the edges but open in the centre. There is a bricked up loophole ion the opposite wall and wooden seats across two corners and a hole in the middle of the floor for the instrument mounting. Four steps to the west lead down to a second room (7' X 4') which has a window facing onto the road. At some stage the building has been rendered (after the loop hole was bricked up), but most of the rendering has now fallen away. This building is in quite good overall condition.
Date of Visit 20.11.1998
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