Royal Observer Corps
Record added 2/5/2001
OS Grid Reference ST12433133
County Somerset
Date opened October 1961
Date closed October 1968
Location On a hilltop 150 yards south of the junction of the B3224 and an un-named minor road.
Description LOCKED All surface features remain intact with some green paint remaining. All the ventilation louvres are also in place but one is broken. There is a two-foot high extension to the ventilation shaft adjacent to the access shaft with the GZI mounting on top. The post has been converted into a reservoir with the FSM pipe used to supply a float switch. The FSM pipe is covered with a large wooden box. The BPI pipe is not visible. The hatch is locked with its original bar.
A two-storey brick aircraft post stands 50 yards to the northwest. It is approximately 13' X 9' with two rooms on the lower floor. An external ladder to a concrete platform accessed the upper floor. The ladder has gone but the platform is still there as is the wooden door. The upper floor consists of two rooms, the 9' X 9' observation room which has no roof and a smaller 4' X 9' crew room which has a sloping concrete roof. The internal wooden floor is rotten. Both floors have been stripped of any original fittings and containing rubbish. A tree is now growing alongside.
Date of Visit 20.8.2000
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