Royal Observer Corps
Record added 2/5/2001
OS Grid Reference SP75637103
County Northamptonshire
Date opened May 1960
Date closed September 1991
Location In a rectangular compound on the North side of a field boundary, 50 yards West of un-named minor road.
Description SEALED All surface features remain intact with the white and metallic green paint in good condition. The post is on a low mound within the compound with two concrete steps up to the top of the mound. The hatch is sealed with nuts and bolts that have been hammered to prevent future entry. There is a metal dome on the ventilation shaft indicating this was a master post. Internally the walls are covered with polystyrene tiles. There is one long table and a cupboard, wiring for the battery including a long battery extension lead (which would have run up the shaft to the external generator for charging) and a battery switching box. There are also some notices, papers, kitchen utensils, light, copper straps along the wall, an enamel bucket and two spare unused ventilation louvres.
Date of Visit 20.3.1999
Future Actions
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