Royal Observer Corps
Record added 1/5/2001
OS Grid Reference SP52038559
County Leicestershire
Date opened August 1963
Date closed September 1991
Location On the edge of former airfield (now a BT complex) just outside the current perimeter fence, 200 yards South of Woodby Lane (from the point where the road is gated).
Description DEMOLISHED When visited in 1999 the post was still extant on a low mound within a square compound with all surface features remaining intact and the very light green paint in good condition. The top of the access shaft was reconstructed in 1989 and a new larger hatch (Torlift) fitted. The hatch was locked but could be opened with a Torlift key or a large screwdriver. Inter_ally the post was very well preserved and very neat and tidy. Unusually for a 1991 closure twin bunks remained together with mattresses and mattress covers. Other items included table, shelf, cupboard, two chairs with cushions, tool rack, mirror, light, wiring, BT junction boxes, WB1401 and switching box, Tele-talk, dexion rack, papers, utensils, posters, notice board with notices, battery box, cleaning materials, broom, folding chair, carpet, cloud maps, first aid poster, wash basin, pen and pencil rack (full). There were wooden shelves, a light, small cupboard and a second mirror in the toilet recess leaving no room for the chemical toilet. There was a cutlery rack full of cutlery in the main cupboard. Apparently when a No. 8 Group officer was visiting posts after stand-down to clear them he brought the wrong key for Lutterworth and never went back. In the spring of 2000 the site was leveled for ready for redevelopment. All surface features were knocked down the shaft although the monitoring room was not destroyed and none of the artifacts were removed. The post is a time capsule waiting to be found at some time in the future.
Date of Visit 15.8.1999
Future Actions
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