Royal Observer Corps
Record added 1/5/2001
OS Grid Reference SK87102206
County Leicestershire
Date opened May 1961
Date closed September 1991
Location On a low mound within an irregularly shaped compound on the North side of a field boundary, on the West side of B676
Description LOCKED All surface features remain intact. The top of the access shaft has been rebuilt and a large 'Torlift' hatch fitted. The hatch is locked but can be opened with a large screwdriver and Torlift key. Internally the post was flooded to a depth of one foot when visited in December 1999 but a year later the water was found to be 2 feet deep. Remaining artifacts include rope, cargo net, scythe, large wooden rake, instrument shelf, folding table, cupboard (containing tommy cookers, plates, plastic mugs, teapot, several KFS sets, soap, scouring powder and a candle holder), a slatted wooden bench seat with vinyl cushions, two plastic chairs, at least two pairs of wellington boots, two mattresses, plastic bin, enamel bucket with lid, two blankets sealed in plastic (one bone dry, one sodden and extremely smelly) two plastic raincoats, battery box, siren crate (empty) a home made maroon simulator and wiring, two magazines and a rack of paper trays and two cloud posters on the wall. In June 2001 the post was pumped dry (by Shawn Sanders) and further items revealed included the battery box, dustpan and brush, bin, buckets, cutlery and bowls. All items on the floor have been stacked on a higher level and the black mats (made from old colliery conveyor belts) have been re-laid and cleaned. Many of the perishable items (like mattresses, furniture etc) are badly decayed where they have been in the water. 12.2012 The post has been restored. See
Date of Visit 26.12.1999
Future Actions
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