Royal Observer Corps
Record added 1/5/2001
OS Grid Reference SC29156917
County Isle of Man
Date opened October 1968
Date closed September 1991
Location On a low mound in a square compound in the north east corner of a field close to the top of 'The Brough', overlooking Ronaldsway Airport.
Description LOCKED All surface features remain intact with some flaking of the green paint. The hatch is detached but is held in place with a steel bar. The owners are intending to weld the hatch in place. Internally much remains in place although the post appears to have been used as a 'den' by local children. Remaining artefacts include: twin bunks with mattresses, two bed ends, table, shelf (both detached), cupboard, two folding canvas chairs, rack of wooden shelves, two short shelves above the table, a long shelf on the opposite wall, BPI mount (detached), BT junction boxes and wiring, WB1401 carrier receiver and a noticeboard. There are also two loudspeakers and two sleeping bags but the children may have left these.
Several domestic buildings from RAF Ronaldsway stand in a field nearby and alongside the path to the post are a number of magazines, some surrounded by earth banks. These were probably the bomb store for RAF Ronaldsway.
Date of Visit 11.4.2003
Future Actions
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