Royal Observer Corps
Record added 1/5/2001
OS Grid Reference ST99591749
County Dorset
Date opened October-60
Date closed Oct-1968
Location In corner of field used for caravans. 150 yards north of St. Mary's Church.
Description OPEN Some of the compound fencing survives. All surface features remain intact although the ventilation louvres are rotting and in poor condition. The hatch is open but a large number of concrete fence posts have been placed on top of it to prevent children from the nearby caravan park gaining access. Internally the twin bunks, single bed and cupboard (doors detached) remain in place. The table and shelf are leaning against a wall. There is also some wiring and a light fitting.
aircraft post, probably dating from 1938 stands close by. It is 12' X 8' and constructed of concrete blocks. There is an open topped entrance corridor with a bend in it leading to steps up into the open section which is 8' X 8' with triangular concrete slabs across each corner of the roof. There is a metal column in the centre for the post instrument and a window in the south wall and north wall into the crew quarters. There are steps down into the 8' X 4' crew quarters which has a slightly sloping concrete roof and another window in the north wall. The building is in good condition.
Date of Visit 9.10.1999
Future Actions
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