Royal Observer Corps
Record added 1/5/2001
OS Grid Reference SY68059108
County Dorset
Date opened Unknown
Date closed September 1991
Location In a small square compound on Poundbury Rings, 100 yards north of Poundbury Road.
Description LOCKED All surface features remain intact. The hatch is locked and welded.
A rectangular brick building (approx. 20' X 10' X 10' high) stands in a square compound 200 yards to the east. All entrances and windows have been bricked up but there is an access hatch in the floor leading to a 30' diameter circular chamber with a second hatch and ladder outside the building. Colin Pomeroy, in his book 'Military Dorset', describes this building as the above ground element of a post war ROC monitoring room. He makes no mention of the extant underground post to the west. It is unlikely this building and its underground room/tank has any connection with the ROC.(1997) When visited in July 2010 the post hatch was still welded. Although the metal louvres have now gone and the paint is flaking badly the post still remains in good condition. There is an inscription around the GZI mount that reads RHM 10.4.68. This post is not listed in the first edition of Attack Warning Red so the date of opening is unknown. This inscription indicated that this might be a very late construction or perhaps a repair in 1968. Very few posts were built as late as 1968.
Date of Visit 6.7.1997
Future Actions
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