Royal Observer Corps
Record added 1/5/2001
OS Grid Reference SY56028624
County Dorset
Date opened March 1959
Date closed October 1968
Location In a small rectangular compound on the south side of a public footpath , 100 yards north of Abbotsbury Hill (B3157).
Description SEALED All surface features remain intact although the hatch is detached although still in place and the ventilation louvres are missing. The step is also detached and the concrete apron around the access shaft is cracking. Internally there is much rubbish and rubble with graffiti on the walls. Four fence posts lie at the bottom of the shaft and the hatch counter balance and one ventilation louvre lie on the floor of the monitoring room. The twin bunks and single bed remain in place together with the cupboard (no doors), table (broken), shelf (detached), the waste bin and a plastic bowl. When inspected in May 2003 the post had been capped with a concrete cap.
An aircraft post stands in a separate compound a little to the south. It is approximately 10' X 6' and built of Portland stone on a concrete and brick base with an inner concrete lining. Two steps lead up to the open 7' X 7' observation room where there is evidence of the instrument table in the centre. The dividing wall between this and the 3' X 7' crew room is mostly gone with only a small piece of the sloping corrugate roof still in place. When inspected in May 2003 a new roof had been added.
Date of Visit 11.6.2000
Future Actions
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