Royal Observer Corps
Record added 27/4/2001
OS Grid Reference ST77267294
County Gloucestershire
Date opened April 1958
Date closed September 1991
Location On a low mound In a long roughly triangular compound at the end of a line of telegraph poles alongside the road. and on the South side of Beaks Lane
Description LOCKED All surface features remain intact but all the paint has gone. The hatch is locked. Internally the following items remain: table, shelf, cupboard, 3 small chairs, notice board with notices, 2 lights, BPI mount, BT junction boxes and wiring, clock, papers, plane posters, ROC and Civil Protection magazines, broom a 1 OS map on the wall with local posts marked.
A small overgrown wood and asbestos building stands in the South corner of the compound. It was probably used as a store or perhaps an outside toilet. It is very dilapidated.
Date of Visit 17.10.1999 and 18.7.2003
Future Actions
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